Helping Build Bangladesh, One Step a Time !

Our History

Changing Bangladesh Foundation is a complete non-profitable organisation. CBF was founded in 26th March 2011 – 40 years after the liberation of our beloved motherland – Bangladesh, by a young, patriotic Bangladeshi entrepreneur Rayan Rahman and his fellow friends. 

Our Mision

Provide long-term benefits to the underprivileged people of Bangladesh in fields such as: Education, Health, Women & Children welfare, Environmental issues. We aim for a Poverty free, educated Bangladesh.

Our Team and Story Now

We were sold to a private non-profit partner based overseas back in January 2016. T

We achieved so much in so little. We operated schools, provided free education to the underprivileged, supported the needy with thousands of warm clothing/blankets, medicines, sanitation, campaigns for Vote for Sundarban, Cleaning Sundarban and campaigns for a Drug-Free Bangladesh. 

At our peak, we operated in 5 divisions in Bangladesh and had over 150+ active, registered volunteers. We are ever thankful to all of you:) 

While CBF is not in function today and all our founders and volunteers have ventured into other businesses, they still stand by the motto they stood by 9 years back – helping the needy to benefit the country in any way, shape or form!

Maybe one day, again, in the not so distant future – the founders will unite to re-establish CBF, with a much broader scope and vision! Until then, stay safe, well and keep working to better Bangladesh!

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